Saturday, May 06, 2006

How Do You Feel?

Today at work, I was so moody, nothing interested me, my friends kept on asking if all was well. yes, I replied but my look didn't show all was ok at all, so I decided to take a stroll out of the premises, on getting to the gate, I met a friend of mine with a bunch of flowers, Guess what? she said she bought them for me as a belated birthday gift.Wow! how my face brightened up , I do not know. I ran back to the office feeling happy. my friends wondered if I met an angel on my way,Many people have never learned to see the beauty of flowers, especially those that grow unnoticed. For instance, when you walk outside and look down at your feet, you may see tiny flowers nestled in the moss and clover hiding under a curled fern. Most people just step on them. If only flowers could talk, it will be noticed.
The gift of flowers made me feel, remembered, loved and cherished. HOW DO YOU FEEL WHEN YOU GET SUCH GIFT.?You can drop your comments, I'll get back to you.

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Friday, March 17, 2006

Nature's Beauty

Flowers have spoken to me more than I can tell in written words. They are the hieroglyphics of angels, loved by all men for the beauty of their character, though few can decipher even the fragments of their meaning. Flowers have an expression of countenance as much as men or animals. Some seem to smile; some have a sad expression; flowers some are pensive and diffident; others again are plain, honest and upright, like the broad-faced sunflowerand the hollyhock. Just looking at this flower and it's lovely colours, your face gets broadened with a smile.

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Flowers, Thoughts and Smiling

Thinking of beautiful things? Think about flowers. Looking for a cause to smile, just a thought of your favorite flower will do the job cause the Earth Laughs in Flowers and you are part of this earth. I do not think I have ever seen anything more beautiful than the bluebell I have been looking at.Where flowers bloom so does hope.

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Azalea Flower

This beautiful potted Azalea is a delightful touch of colour for anyone's home. Beautiful Blooms will last weeks with the proper care. This long-lasting flowering plant comes in pink or white.(Actual shades may vary from image) This selection arrives in a six inch pot and is wraped in a plastic sleeve and carefully hand packed in a specially designed box to prevent damage during shipping. This selection is shipped overnight courier and comes complete with a personlized gift card and care instructions.

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Flowers and You

Walking back home yesterday after a stressful day's job, so tired and worn out. I glimpsed some flowers in front of a house and guess what smiles came to my face those flowers actually made my day. Do you know that a flower can do that to you. Flowers brings joy, reduces stress and expresses emotions. Take Roseraire de l’ Hay for instance, this flower is a French rose, bred in 1901. A strongly scented, wine-red rose, which has a long flowering season. A very hardy rose, tolerant of all weathers, and sun or shade. This flower essence, like the plant is made from and has a robust energy. A good “all-rounder”, good to lift just about anyone out of a gloomy, unproductive phase into the blossoming of full activity.

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Gift of Flowers

With a gift of flowers, you know that someone is thinking of you right now, this very minute,It's the memory of the gift and the emotions that last forever.

Rebecca Cole

Guess what? Today is my Birthday and when I got home from work, I got a bunch of pink roses for a present-It actually made my day. The hundreds of women and men surveyed described a gift of flowers as unlike any other because flowers create lasting memories and make people – both givers and receivers – feel cared about and special. The fleeting nature of flowers also encourages people to appreciate flowers when they are beautiful and vibrant.

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


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